Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
3dSetup 1410   2 years lama Improve logging and target file in world generator
alice 518   4 years lama Added binary versions (windows and linux) of Alice 2.3 to repo
alice-src 1189   3 years lama Fix nexus urls, cleanup poms
alice_2.x_gallery 498   4 years lama Grund entfernt
alice_2.x_worlds 1049   3 years lama Move unused animations from corpus to gallery
alice_corpus 1725   23 months lama Fix typo in dragon_0008
AliceCodeGenerator 1698   23 months lama Fix loop annotation settings
AliceCodeGeneratorApi 1532   2 years lama Minor code styling
AliceCodeGeneratorEvaluation 1737   23 months lama Regernate 3 files due to 0byte file fu*
alicenlp 1335   3 years lama Add dependency
alicenlp_tools 1639   2 years lama Exclude log4j from wordnet library's dependencies
AliceNlpMethodParameterAnalyzer 1567   2 years lama Logging and code layout
AliceOntologyLuceneIndex 1568   2 years lama Shortform-Fix
AliceWorldGenerator 1429   2 years lama Save main method as HTML document besides the a2w file
ControlStructures 1691   23 months lama Include trace profile for loops
ControlStructuresEvaluation 1324   3 years lama Use new tager model
corpus_statistics 1638   2 years lama Rename statistics package
EntityRecognizer 1658   2 years lama Remove dead code and fix cach in ResourceOntology?
EntityRecognizerEvaluation 1445   2 years lama Add readme
GoldenGate 1189   3 years lama Fix nexus urls, cleanup poms
guide 529   4 years lama Maven guide for local repos
ivan 1676   23 months lama log4j in pom
LEGACY_oleg_world_gen_example 1387   2 years lama Mark legacy world generator example
LEGACY_world_generator 1386   2 years lama Mark legacy version of world generator
methodcloner 1254   3 years lama Move evaluation classes to proper project
methodclonerEvaluation 1256   3 years lama use correct world generator
ontologies 487   4 years lama updated alice ontolgy - now with the worlds from the corpus and Oleg's …
ontology_association 1640   2 years lama Don't search for synonyms of world and character files
ontology_extractor 1507   2 years lama Use log4j during production mode as well but use an optional dependency
OntologyBootstrapper 1189   3 years lama Fix nexus urls, cleanup poms
OntologyManager 1663   2 years lama Add synonyms to ontology info
openhab-ontology-builder 1363   3 years lama Add openHAB demo configuration
papers 598   4 years lama Publish correct version of "Deriving Time Lines from Text"
parent_pom 1650   2 years lama Exclude log4j.xml from packaged jar
PoTAnalyzer 1365   3 years titarenko Anpassung der benutzten Do_Together-Annotationen
PoTAnalyzerEvaluation 1239   3 years lama Create new project for PoT-Analyzer Evaluation
related_work 428   4 years lama added osmosian's plain english
StanfordCoreNlpAnalyzer 1562   2 years lama Silence Stanford Coreferencer
statistics 1739   23 months lama Improve corpus statistics
theses 1378   2 years lama Add Nikolov's work
wordnet 982   3 years weigelt add frames.vrb add "hare" & "rabbit" to bunny synset add "jump" to hop …
.gitignore 555 bytes 1630   2 years lama Update gitignore
SpatialTerms.txt 1.2 KB 542   4 years lama Spatial term list
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