Alice API Ontology

For the basic structure have a look at Oleg thesis.

Alice API Ontology is produced by our Extractor based upon the template in our repository.

See Extractor for further information about filling Ontology with instances.

Getting the Ontology

The ontology is platform-dependent (because the paths to the analyzed world files must be saved in the ontology). Therefore you have to build your own version of the ontology. Fortunately, there is a helper program for that :)

Download the following projects into your Eclipse workspace:

Then run the Bootstrapper; it will download all necessary files (the animation corpus, the Alice model gallery and so on) and build two ontologies: one with and one without the WordNet? associations.


We use the Pellet OWL 2 Reasoner. It can be used in protégé as well but must be installed separately. To install Pellet in protégé open File > Preferences > Plugins and select "Check for downloads now"; then select Pellet and restart protégé.

SWRL rules

We use SWRL rules for inferring Alice's methods and questions to all instances. Used syntax is like:

FirstClassModel(x) AND AliceMethod(Y) THEN hasMethod(x,y)

FirstClassModel(x), AliceMethod(Y) -> hasMethod(x,y)

It's nice to create this rules in protégé (Window -> Views -> Ontology Views -> Rules).

Start the reasoner to see the effects of the rules (inferred property assertions are highlighted with a light yellow):

Rule-based inference with Pellet reasoner in Protégé

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