Alice API Ontology

For the basic structure have a look at Oleg thesis.

Alice API Ontology is produced by our Extractor based upon the template in our [browser:/ontology_extractor/trunk/owl-resources repository].

See Extractor for further information about filling Ontology with instances.

Getting the Ontology

The ontology is platform-dependent (because the paths to the analyzed world files must be saved in the ontology). Therefore you have to build your own version of the ontology. Fortunately, there is a helper program for that :)

Download the following projects into your Eclipse workspace:

Then run the Bootstrapper; it will download all necessary files (the animation corpus, the Alice model gallery and so on) and build two ontologies: one with and one without the WordNet? associations.


We use the Pellet OWL 2 Reasoner. It can be used in protégé as well but must be installed separately. To install Pellet in protégé open File > Preferences > Plugins and select "Check for downloads now"; then select Pellet and restart protégé.

SWRL rules

We use SWRL rules for inferring Alice's methods and questions to all instances. Used syntax is like:

FirstClassModel(x) AND AliceMethod(Y) THEN hasMethod(x,y)

FirstClassModel(x), AliceMethod(Y) -> hasMethod(x,y)

It's nice to create this rules in protégé (Window -> Views -> Ontology Views -> Rules).

Start the reasoner to see the effects of the rules (inferred property assertions are highlighted with a light yellow):

Rule-based inference with Pellet reasoner in Protégé

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