Mathias Landhäußer, Ronny Hug: [export:/papers/TextUnderstandingForProgrammingInNaturalLanguageControlStructures.pdf Text Understanding for Programming in Natural Language: Control Structures], 4th Workshop on Realizing Artificial Intelligence Synergies in Software Engineering (RAISE 2015)

  • [export:/papers/TextUnderstandingForProgrammingInNaturalLanguageControlStructures.pdf Paper]
  • [export:/papers/TextUnderstandingForProgrammingInNaturalLanguageControlStructures_Slides.pdf Slides]

Download Software and Evaluation Data

  • Download CSR and the evaluation project (including text corpus and gold solutions) from our SVN

The evaluation project contains the corpus as it was during evaluation. The current corpus can be found in the wiki: Alice Corpus

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