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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Severity
#156 Differencing and patching object graphs enhancement normal normal
#157 Replicated objects with collective update enhancement normal 1.07h normal
#163 Patchable object graphs and object replacement does not fit defect normal normal
#165 Deadlock when collective updates produce large patches defect normal 1.08a normal
#169 Patch creation performance is bad defect normal 1.08a normal
#171 Partial replication enhancement normal normal
#172 Relation of uka.patch and uka.transport defect normal normal
#178 Distributing objects within collective synchronizations defect normal 1.08b normal
#181 Updates for locally dead objects cause inconsistencies defect normal normal
#182 Distribution specifications may be lost defect normal normal
#183 Superfluous patches for newly marshaled objects defect normal normal
#188 Simple collective barrier() method for replicated objects enhancement normal 1.09a normal
#205 Main objects and accompanying objects within a replicated graph enhancement normal normal
#206 Explicitly distributing arrays within a replicated graph enhancement normal normal
#220 Garbage collection witin repicated object graphs breaks consistency hauma defect normal 1.09b critical
#226 Low-level API for insider patch creation hauma defect normal 1.09b normal
#227 Two replicated object graphs may not have objects in common. hauma defect normal 1.08a major
#235 Likely name clashes with autogenerated clone() in Patchable hauma defect normal 1.09a normal
#241 Stress test fails for replicated objects hauma defect normal 1.09c normal
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