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Added frozen objects.

Collective Replication

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Related features

  • Special collective operations on replicated objects
    • Simple collective barrier() method for replicated objects: ticket:188
    • Collective exchange: ticket:177
      • Semantics of collective exchange operations: ticket:180
  • Merge annotations for collective replicated objects: ticket:179
  • Main objects and accompanying objects within a replicated graph: ticket:205
  • Explicitly distributing arrays within a replicated graph: ticket:206
  • Garbage collection within a replicated graph: ticket:207
  • Deadlock when collective updates produce large patches: ticket:165
  • Debugging and reflection
    • An introspection interface for replicated objects: ticket:212

Unrelated features


  • For performance reasons, it may be beneficial to have some of the state of a replicated graph excluded from updates. See: ExcludedState.