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We kindly ask you to register yourself as a JavaParty user on the Registration page.

Please decide which version to download according to the following instructions.

Transport subsystem

The transparent object layer of JavaParty is mapped to a transport subsystem that is used to perform remote method invocations. You have the choice to download JavaParty for KaRMI or JavaParty for RMI. KaRMI is a fast replacement for RMI that also supports high-performance network subsystems and enables Transparent Threads in JavaParty.

JavaParty for KaRMI is the optimized and feature complete version. JavaParty for RMI is provided only for backward compatibility. We strongly recommend to download JavaParty for KaRMI, because the RMI version will often show poor performance and will show unexpected behavior when relying on advanced features such as Transparent Threads.

Operating system

Since JavaParty is pure Java, the only difference between the distributions called "for Unix" and "for Windows" is the format of the archive. While unix users normally prefer the gzipped tar format, Windows users traditionally prefer zip. The contents of the corresponding Windows and the Unix distribution is the same.

KaRMI only versions

The JavaParty for KaRMI archives also contain a complete KaRMI distribution. So you only need to download the KaRMI archive, if you are mainly interested in KaRMI and you do not want to use the JavaParty transparent distributed environment.

JavaParty archives

JavaPartyUnix archiveWindows archive
for KaRMI (optimized, all features)
for RMI (compatibility)

Note: only the JavaParty for KaRMI version has all features regarding Transparent Threads.

KaRMI archives

KaRMIUnix archiveWindows archive
with JDK

General note: If you update to a new version of JavaParty or KaRMI, please delete all existing class files and recompile your application. If you use the fast object serialization uka.transport, you also have to re-generate serialization methods.