JavaParty Requirements

Java 2 runtime system

JavaParty requires a properly installed Java 2 runtime system. JavaParty will not work with any Java prior to JDK/1.4, because it relies on some improvements to the Java library introduced in JDK/1.4. The invocation scripts complain if they can not detect a proper Java version.

You can test whether Java 2 is installed on your system and is set up properly by invoking the following command at your shell prompt.

java -version

The output should be similar to the following lines:

java version "1.4.1_02"
Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.4.1_02-b06)
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.4.1_02-b06, mixed mode)

If Java is not installed on your system, you are likely to be able to download an appropriate version or find a link to the version of Java matching your operation system at the Java page from Sun Microsystems.

Unix: /bin/sh, basename, dirname, which

On Unix, these basic tools must be accessible in order to allow the startup scripts to inspect your environment and invoke Java with the correct parameters.

If these tools do not behave as expected the invocation scripts for JavaParty will fail in an unpredictable way. If you are not an Unix expert you will probably not be able to fix the scripts. But since JavaParty is pure Java, you can still use it without the scripts as long as your Java installation is working. Please refer to the JavaParty API documentation for the class jp.lang.JavaParty to see how to invoke the JavaParty components manually.

Windows: Correct network configuration

In order to connect several computers to a JavaParty environment, you must ensure that the network is configured properly. Windows does not install the TCP/IP networking protocol by default, so you may be able to access the files of your other computers, but JavaParty is not able to communicate, because it relies on the TCP/IP protocol used for communication with the Internet.

Note: If you only have a single computer and only want to experiment with the JavaParty language, the TCP/IP communication protocol must be installed, too, even if you have no network card in your computer.

Other operating systems

You can use JavaParty on each operating system if a Java 2 implementation is available for it. However, scripts for invoking the components of the runtime system and the compiler are only included for Unix and Windows operating systems. If you like to use JavaParty on another system, you can create your own scripts or invoke Java directly. To do this refer to the JavaParty API documentation to find out how the main class jp.lang.JavaParty must be invoked.

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