JavaParty Users

Please subscribe to the mailing lists. Use these lists to request support and get information about updates.

Additionally we kindly ask you to give us some personal information and why your are interested in JavaParty by adding a comment to this page. We normally only get feedback if something does not work, but we want to learn from you how JavaParty is used.

sample entry

Yoyodyne Inc., Utopia, -- http://www.yoyodyne.example --
We use JavaParty on our hypernew XZ42-cluster to search for the ultimate solution of the 2nd order Chetveghif formula.

If you like, you can add your email address in the username field, e.g. Ty Coon (coon AT yoyodyne DOT example).

other usages

If you don't know what to give as intended usage, here are some suggestions:

  • just surfing
  • master thesis
  • evaluating parallel languages
  • parallel distributed language research
  • mainly interested in KaRMI
  • mainly interested in uka.transport
  • developing parallel applications

Comment by anonymous on Sat Apr 15 20:40:23 2006

PhD thesis

Comment by anonymous on Thu Sep 7 21:53:01 2006

bachelor thesis

Comment by acalderwood@… on Thu Feb 8 00:22:58 2007

Alastair Calderwood, -- Objectweb --
Use in project for autogeneration of proxies to remote applications. Mainly interested in KaRMI.

Comment by on Fri Feb 16 07:53:44 2007


Comment by anonymous on Tue Mar 6 17:20:23 2007

master thesis

Comment by anonymous on Tue Mar 6 17:48:40 2007

I don't want to subscribe any mailing list- i want only inform site admin that guest user don't have access to pictures in "languege" part of page - it's annoying that there is no "normal" e-mail address on this web page.

Fixed, thanks.

Comment by anonymous on Fri Mar 9 17:37:31 2007

master thesis

Comment by anonymous on Thu Jun 21 22:24:28 2007

for Research

Comment by mja_1976_19@… on Mon Jul 30 20:51:46 2007

hello i want to know how i can use javaparty and install javaparty software i need it for master thesis

Comment by sdi@… on Fri Oct 5 14:48:11 2007

developing parallel applications and do related researches

Comment by nandazo@… on Sat Jun 21 12:28:10 2008

developing parallel applications

Comment by anonymous on Mon Sep 15 13:22:02 2008

PhD thesis

Comment by anonymous on Wed Jun 10 13:26:30 2009

For studying cluster computer systems

Comment by Matías on Sun Apr 18 21:14:58 2010

For studying parallel programing.

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