KaRMI: Efficient RMI for Java

KaRMI is a fast drop-in replacement for the Java remote method invocation package (RMI). It is based on an efficient object serialization mechanism called uka.transport that replaces regular Java serialization from the package. KaRMI and uka.transport are implemented completely in Java without native code. KaRMI also supports non-TCP/IP communication networks such as Myrinet/GM and Myrinet/ParaStation. It can also be used in clusters interconnected with heterogenous communication technology.

Even on 100MBit/s Ethernet networks, you can expect a strongly reduced overhead of remote method invocations. Between Intel Pentium III 800MHz nodes, KaRMI performs a remote void ping() call in 170μs over 100MBit/s Ethernet and in 40μs over Myrinet/ParaStation. Details can be found in the paper "A More Efficient RMI for Java" in the papers section.

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