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Using KaRMI in your application


KaRMI can be used as drop-in replacement for Java RMI. The KaRMI packages required in your application are uka.karmi.rmi and uka.karmi.rmi.server. These packages replace their counterparts java.rmi and java.rmi.server in the Java core library. To switch over to KaRMI, just replace all import statements in your application of the form

import java.rmi.*;
import java.rmi.server.*;

with statements such as

import uka.karmi.rmi.*;
import uka.karmi.rmi.server.*;

If you do not use any "special" features not supported by KaRMI, you are done. You can re-compile your application and build stubs and skeletons for your server objects as described in the next section. Make sure, you have the archive karmi.jar with the KaRMI environment classes in your class path when compiling your application.