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The KaRMI stub and skeleton generator


Since the remote method invocation protocol is different from regular RMI, you have to use the stub and skeleton generator included in the KaRMI distribution instead of regular rmic.

The stub and skeleton generator for the KaRMI package is called karmic. You find a wrapper script for its invocation in the bin/ directory of the KaRMI distribution. karmic accepts options similar to rmic. Assuming your server implementation class is called mypackage.MyServer, the following command line will generate the stubs and skeletons required for running your KaRMI application to the directory classes/:

karmic -cp classes -d classes mypackage.MyServer

karmic reads the compiled application class from the class path specified with the -cp option and writes the generated stubs and skeleton classes to the directory specified with the -d option. Instead of specifying the -cp option, you may also set the CLASSPATH environment variable.

Note: The option -d is required.