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0.11.1 has been released.

Download and Installation of TracNav

Current version: TracNav Plugin for Trac 0.11.x

This version works with version 0.11 of Trac. It is available here (version 4.0pre7):

Note: This version will not work with Trac 0.10! Use the previous version instead (see below).

Previous version: TracNav Plugin for Trac 0.9 and 0.10

TracNav is no longer implemented as a macro, but as a Trac plugin. This makes installation even more easy: Simply drop the Python egg into the plugin subdir of your project.
Note: This requires Trac >= 0.9 and setuptools >= 0.6! The pre-packaged egg is for Python 2.4. The source code is available, so you can build your own egg. The version number is 3.92.

For more information about Trac plugins, see

Old version: TracNav Macro

Per-project installation

To install TracNav, place the file [source:/trac/trunk/wiki-macros/] in the wiki-macros subdirectory and the file [source:/trac/trunk/htdocs/tracnav.css tracnav.css] file in the htdocs subdirectory of your Trac project.

Then add this line

@import url(<?cs var:chrome.href ?>/site/tracnav.css);

to the templates/site_css.cs file of your Trac project.

The tracnav.css file defines the styles for displaying the navigation bar. These styles build upon the styles for TracGuideToc that come with your Trac distribution. If you just install the macro but miss to install the style file, TracNav will work but look somewhat strange.

Global installation

Place the file [source:/trac/trunk/wiki-macros/] in the wiki-macros subdirectory of your Trac installation (typically /usr/share/trac/wiki-macros) and add the contents of the [source:/trac/trunk/htdocs/tracnav.css style file] to the wiki.css of your Trac installation (typically /usr/share/trac/htdocs/css/wiki.css).


The TracNav macro can also be downloaded from the MacroBazaar at the home page of Trac.

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