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Muness Alrubaie implemented a tagging system for the Trac wiki engine. See Tags for Trac. With this system, a wiki page can be categorized under some category by adding a tag to the page. Multiple categories for a page are possible. Each category is a wiki page by itself, where a list of pages that are tagged with a specific tag can be created dynamically with a macro call. This list roughly corresponds to the set of back-links of the tag page.

In TracNav, the table of contents page is the equivalent for a tag. As in Tags for Trac, the table of contents itself is a wiki page. It is also possible to include some wiki page in multiple tables of contents. Other than in Tags for Trac, among multiple categories there is always a primary category for a wiki page (the one the page refers to by a call to the TracNav macro). Theoretically, a page can call the TracNav macro multiple times, but displaying multiple navigation bars on a single page is not generally useful.

The main difference between TracNav and Tags for Trac is the ordering of category entries. In TracNav, the table of contents exactly defines the ordering of referenced pages. Categories in Tags for Trac are generally unordered. Both approaches have advantages: The categorization with tags is more wiki-like (writer-friendly), because the only thing required for including a page in a category is adding a reference from that page to the tag page. The categorization with tables of contents requires two-way linking (from the page to the table of contents and from the TOC back to the page), but is more reader-friendly, because the order relationship between pages gives the familar feeling of conventional documentation.

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