What's a compatibility level? (Java)

You may have noticed a "compatibility level" in the WSDL file, in the JPlagClientAccessHandler or inside an error message telling you to upgrade your client. In case it is your own client, such an error message means, that the web service has been updated in a way, which is not compatible to clients not knowing about these changes anymore. Sometimes it may just be enough to generate a new client stub, sometimes there is more to do than that.

While it is not our intention to regularly change the web service in a way, which makes changes to external clients necessary, it may be unavoidable in some cases. Therefore we are using this "compatibility level", which can be set in and must correspond to the level written in the WSDL file or the error message you get, when you try to connect to the server with an "outdated" client.

The error message is a JPlagException with exceptionType set to "accessException" and description set to "Client outdated!". Without this mechanism your users would just get some strange error message, if they used an outdated version of your client, as the web service wouldn't understand the client anymore.

When a new compatibility level is needed, we are going to tell you the needed changes here and send a notification over the developers mailing list, which will notify you, that this change will soon be needed (aprox. one week after notification to make sure you had enough time to make the changes).

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