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Developing a Java Client for JPlag

Here you can find most information you need to develop your own JPlag client. This tutorial will lead you to a console based Java client, you can expand to your needs afterwards.

The example client can also be found in our repository.

Note: If you have any questions or want to send some feedback about this tutorial, you are highly welcome to send an email to the jplag team?.

  1. Setting up your environment
  2. Generating the client stub
  3. Contacting the server
  4. Sending a submission
  5. Waiting for a result
  6. Receiving a result
  7. The example client
  8. What's a compatibility level?

Developer Mailing List

On the Jplag Website, you can sign up yourself for developer mails concerning changes of the compatibility level and related needed changes to your client as described in the last chapter of the tutorial. As mentioned there it is not our intention to make such changes in the near future, but we want to make sure you get the ability to know about changes before your client becomes unusable.

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