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Current Team

You can reach the current JPlag team via email:

Currently Jürgen Graf and Mathias Landhäußer provide support.

Credits: Who, when, why?

JPlag was developed by Guido Malpohl. In 1996 it started out as a student research project and a few month later it evolved into a first online system.

In 2005 JPlag was turned into a web service by Emeric Kwemou and Moritz Kroll to allow external systems to use JPlag in an automated process (e.g. as part of a learning server) and to let other institutions design their own clients better suiting their needs.

The server is located at the research group of Prof. W. Tichy. The group is a part of the Department of Informatics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Here are some more detailed credits mentioning the people related to JPlag itself: