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Development Original JPlag

This is a lousy documentation of how to get the original development environment up and running. It might be inconsistent and incomplete but this is what I remember... We should not need it after the clean up anyways.

  • Checkout the project from the repository (we made a tag of the old trunk)
    • In Eclipse: Don not use the standard project layout but the one where the project root folder is the source folder (otherwise all packages will be messed up!)
  • In almost every folder there is a Copy it to and make the entries accordingly.
  • Run the ant tasks for generating server and client classes. This should fix most of the errors.
  • In Eclipse: Add the libraries in clientlibs to the build path (see also Client/Development/EnvironmentSetup)
  • Exclude some folders from the build path (such as generated classes, dist folders and so on)
  • If the generate-client task fails because of the WSDL, change its source in the client-config.xml (this happens more than once).