JPlag Frontend Pack

The JPlag system uses different frontends to transform the input files into a token stream, which abstracts very much from the original source code. For example in our Java frontend any assignments are translated to J_ASSIGN tokens, method invocations become J_APPLY tokens, arithmetic calculations, names, and comments are ignored, etc. Only some kind of program structure remains, which is then compared to other source files.

This package contains a minimal set of files required to build our Java 1.2 frontend (including ANTLR 2.7.7).

See the package in our repository: Java 1.2 Frontend for JPlag (at the time of writing, we are at revision 455)

Developing Your Own Frontend

Consider using maven for your frontend. If you do so, use our parent pom to get lots of stuff...

You should clone an existing front end from our repository and start from there or use one of the attached templates. They include a ready-to-edit pom.xml with the generate-sources target defined.

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