Graph Model Transformation with GrGen.NET


This section discusses a method for customizing general-purpose graph rewriting systems for the task of model transformation. The portable approach is as simple as e ffective: It off ers full static UML compliance including all diagram types for typed graph rewriting systems providing textual interfaces. The method is discussed and described in detail in the paper " Customizing GrGen.NET for Model Transformation " of the GraMoT (Graph and Model Transformation) workshop in the ICSE'08 (International Conference of Software Engineering in Leipzig, Germany 2008). This work ist based upon BD08.

  1. : The official website of the MOF suite for GrGen.NET, provided by the university of Karlsruhe (TH).
  2. : The publication of the paper " GDG08: Customizing GrGen.NET for Model Transformation " in the ACM Digital Library.

Related Publications

  • GDG08: Tom Gelhausen, Bugra Derre, Rubino Geiss, Customizing GrGen.NET for Model Transformation (2008)
  • BD08: Bugra Derre, Graphersetzungssysteme als Werkzeuge für UML Modelltransformationen (2008)
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