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The thematic roles of SALE

Adverse Roles

Deixisidem ipsoadversusExample
Companionsdux (DUX)comes (COM)Don Quijote (DUX) rides with Sancho Pansa (COM).
Adversariescontarius (CONTII)contrariens (CONT)A small village (CONTII) fights the romans (CONT)
Rolefingens (FIN)fictum (FIC)Peter (FIN) is dressed like a clown (FIC).
Qualityqualificatus (QUALII)qualitas (QUAL)A table (QUALII) made of wood (QUAL).
Replacementsubstitutus (SUBII)substitutens (SUB)This year we're going to the sea (SUBII) instead of the mountains (SUB).
Containmentthematus (THEII)thema (THE) A book (THEII) bout Schiller (THE).
Compositionomnium (OMN)pars (PARS) A word (OMN) and its letters (PARS).
Conditionsumptio (SUM)consequentia (CONS+-)If A (SUM) then B (CONS+) else C (CONS-).

Transitive Roles

Actingactus (ACT)agens (AG)opus (OPUS+-)patiens (PAT)modus (MOD)instrumentum (INST+-)Karl(AG) paints(ACT) the wall(PAT) with a brush(INST+). Then he(AG) builds(ACT) a wall(OPUS+) with great caution(MOD).
Situation, logical connection -- causa (CAU+-)intentio (INT)status (STAT) -- transitus (TRANS)Anna lives(STAT) in Bonn, to be near to her mother(INT). The vase fell(TRANS) from the table, because Peter bumped into it(CAU+).
Timely constraints -- praecedens (PRAE)succedens (SUCC)currens (CUR) -- -- Frank opened a bottle of beer(CUR), that he picked up(PRAE), and emptied it(SUCC).
Abilitypotentia (POT+-)magister (MAG) -- potens (POTII) -- -- Peter(MAG) teaches Otto(POTII) how to swim(POT+). Franz(POTII) cannot swim(POT−).
Volitionvoluntas (VOL+-) -- -- volens (VOLII) -- -- Otto(VOLII) wants to play the fiddle(VOL+).
Authorizationius (IUS+-)permitens (PERM) -- iurens (IUSII) -- -- Peter(PERM) allows Otto(IUSII) to play with a ball(IUS+). Otto(IUSII) may not scream loud(IUS−).
Dutyrequisitum (REQ+-)obligens (OBL) -- requirens (REQII) -- -- Peter(OBL) orders Otto(REQII) to eat peas(REQ+). Otto(REQII) does not need to practice(REQ−).
Propertyhabitum (HAB)donor (DON)recipient (RECP)possessor (POSS) -- --The father(DON) gives the grand-father's(POSS) watch(HAB) to his son(RECP).
Experiencenotio (NOT)stimulus (STIM)eperior (EXP) -- -- -- The ranger(EXP) hears the growl(NOT) of the puma(STIM).
Advantagefavor (FAV+-)fautor (FAU+-)beneficiens (BEN+-) -- -- -- The Nile(FAU+) brought fructuous land(FAV+) to the Egypts(BEN+).
Comparisoncriterium (CRIT)comparand (COMP)compariens (COMPII) -- proportiens (PROP) -- A car(COMPII) is faster(CRIT) than a bike(COMP). The more(PROP) you practice(COMP), the better you will play(COMPII).
PlaceLTRANSLORIGLDESTlocus (LOC)LDIMlimes (LIM)The river(LTRANS) flows along the border(LIM) from south(LORIG) to north(LDEST) and is at it's mouth(LOC) 500 m width(LDIM).
TimeTTRANSTORIGTDESTtempus (TEMP)TDIMfrequens (FREQ)Holidays(TTRANS) are from july(TORIG) until august(TDEST) every year(FREQ) and endure 7 weeks(TDIM).

+- This role is signed; denote the sign using P (+) or M (-) when annotating texts (e.g. INSTP oder OPUSM).

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