SalE-based UML MOdel eXamination

SUMOX stands for "SalE-based UML MOdel eXamination" and is a pogram that produces a questionnaire based upon a SALE-annotated version of a specification document. The questionnaire can be used to check the model completeness as suggested in ML08.

First, SUMOX translates the specification using the SALE Compiler into a graph instance and then uses the graph rewriting system GrGen.NET to obtain the questionnaire. The used graph rewriting rules search for special patterns in the graph which can be mapped to UML-Elements. The output of SUMOX is a XML file which can be translated to a simple HTML table using XSL-T stylesheets.

Note: The questionnaire has been developed for displaying in IE - it looks funny in FF sometimes.

Web Edition

SUMOX also exists as a web application which can be found here:

The web application is based upon the SALE-Compiler and PHP; to be able to use SALE easily, we produced a JAR archive of SALE. The output of GrGen.NET is piped into a downloadable XML file.

The Web Edition is not updated any longer - we still maintain SUMOX: Download the SALE MX Eclipse Workbench to access the latest version of SUMOX along the other components of SALE MX.

Prepared Examples

Examples of questionnaires can be found in the examples area of SALE. Most of the examples come with a questionnaire, e.g. Ludo.

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